Cape Breton Estates: Land of the Golden Arms

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Cape Breton Estates: land of the golden arms



On an ongoing basis, you will find site "Update" notices here, with each entry posted in chronological order beginning with the most recent. Updates include:

  1. New properties posted to the site with a link to that property page
  2. Any changes (such as price) made to a property listing
  3. Notice of the sale of a property or an accepted offer
  4. Any addition or notable change made on the site
  5. New property photos added to an existing listing


08/28/18: NEW PRICE: 114 Acres Prime Development Land/Antigonish
06/27/18: SOLD: Elegant Milled Log Home on St. Ann's Bay
04/27/18: NEW PRICE: Curve Appeal
02/19/18: NEW LISTING: 114 Acres of Prime Development Land in Antigonish
09/29/17: NEW LISTING: 560 Acre Estate - Best Market Value
09/29/17: NEW COMMERCIAL LISTING: Large Property with Great Potential on Lake Ainslie
08/31/17: NEW LISTING: Once in a Blue Moon
08/20/17: NEW LISTING: Sunsets over the Sea
08/18/17: NEW LISTING: Elegant Milled Log Home on St. Ann's Bay
08/08/17: NEW LISTING: Cabot Trail Treasure
08/08/17: NEW LISTING: 9 Surveyed Acres - Ocean Bay Lot
05/22/17: NEW LISTING: Curve Appeal
05/--/17: SOLD: Secluded Beach Front in St. Rose
04/03/17: SOLD: Park Place
04/03/17: NEW PRICE: Acadian Classic on the Cabot Trail
01/26/17: NEW PRICE: Save Me - Melrose Hill
01/26/17: LISTING WITHDRAWN: " Character Home, Lake View, 87+ Acres in Baddeck" - owners no longer want to sell
01/24/17: SOLD: A Beautiful Bargain - Cap Le Moine
11/20/16: NEW LISTING: 500 Acre Suburban Farm Property
11/10/16: NEW LISTING: Hidden Value - Obvious Appeal
11/06/16: NEW AUTUMN PHOTOS: Sandy Beach, Well Appointed Home
11/06/16: NEW AUTUMN PHOTOS: Journey's End
11/06/16: NEW LISTING: Save Me
10/31/16: NEW LISTING: A Beautiful Bargain
10/29/16: NEW LISTING: Acadian Classic on the Cabot Trail
09/25/16: NEW PRICE: Extraordinary Getaway
09/22/16: NEW PRICE: Ideal Oceanfront Family Home
08/31/16: NEW PRICE: Sandy Beach, Well Appointed Home
08/15/16: NEW LISTING: Ideal Oceanfront Family Home
08/12/16: SNEAK PEEK SLIDE SHOW: Ideal Oceanside Family Home
08/09/16: NEW LISTING: Journey's End
07/21/16: NEW PRICE: Park Place
07/07/16: NEW LISTING: Once in a Blue Moon
07/06/16: NEW LISTING: Sandy Beach, Well Appointed Home
06/25/16: NEW LISTING: Character Home, Lake View, 87+ Acres
06/25/16: NEW LISTING: Island Point - The Mother of All Peninsulas
NEW LISTINGS COMING SOON: lead photo posted on Home Page
03/10/16: NEW LISTING: Set to Sail in D'Escousse
Many updates have not been recorded over the past month due to technical issues with computers. Three new listings are in the works now with more to come after the snow recedes. Thanks for checking.
10/23/15: SNEAK PEEK: "Serenity" slide show
10/22/15: NEW LISTING: Bold & Beautiful Eleven Acre Oceanfront
09/05/15: NEW LISTING: The Magic of Margaree Harbour
08/20/15: PRICE CHANGE: Nature Lovers' Secret Oasis
06/23/15: PRICE CHANGE: Extraordinary Getaway
06/11/15: PRICE CHANGE: Splendid Perspectives
06/11/15: PRICE CHANGE: Beautiful Ocean Peninsula
05/19/15: NEW LISTING: A Country Invitation
05/17/15: NEW LISTING: Nature Lovers' Secret Oasis
05/07/15: NEW LISTING: Sneak Peek Slide Show
05/07/15: NEW LISTING: Dunlop Inn
05/07/15: NEW LISTING: Seaside in Glorious Gabarus
05/07/15: NEW LISTING: Nice Little Oceanside House in d'Escousse
04/30/15: PRICE CHANGE: Eagle Creek Estate on Bras d'Or


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