Cape Breton Estates: Land of the Golden Arms

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Cape Breton Estates: land of the golden arms


Attention Sellers and Realtors Who Own or Have Access to Properties in Cape Breton Matching these Descriptions:

Description of Property Wanted

Many requests for properties similar to these:

Home or Land
Inverness - year round home in Town of Inverness. Fixer upper OK. Budget to $50,000. Quick close OK. Vacant lot of interest as well.
Land 40 +/- acres Beaver Cove/Boisdale
Small to medium size operating fishing lodge on the Margaree River.
Seasonal A vacation residence on the ocean or with ocean view in the Dingwall-Aspy Bay area. Budget approx. $150,000.
Waterfront preferred - seasonal home in the area spanning Margaree Harbour through Grand-Étang (includes Terre Noire, Belle Côte and St. Joseph du Moine)
Land At least 300 acres in the Inverness-Lake Ainslie area - best with waterfront, but not necessary.
Land Land with or without a cabin on the Margaree River.
Near Sydney - 3 to 5 acres with livable dwelling on Georges River.
Water and mountain view acreage - 3 to 5 acres. Budget to $40K.
3 to 5 acres in the Mira River area.
Very private, even remote, ocean front acreage of at least 5 acres for building. Budget up to $250K.
40 acres with excellent, elevated ocean view or Bras d'Or Lake view - preferred areas are above the North Shore area up through Dingwall and also Baddeck.
Home + Acreage
100+ acres anywhere on the Bras d'Or - could be former farm with a mixture of cleared and wooded acres or all forest with a mix of soft and hardwoods. Two residences or one residence with convertible barn on the property would be ideal.
5 - 10 acres for building of vacation or retirement residence. Must be waterfront, preferrably ocean but Bras d'Or OK. There are at least 10 requests in this category with budgets ranging from $30K to $200K.
Stone Home Vacation/Retirement residence - not farm and preferrably near water or with water view.
Seasonal/Water Seasonal residence with deep water for boat moorage, turnkey house of size or with cabin(s) for extended family, budget up to $300,000, 3 to 5 acres of land with privacy and quiet (not on a main road).
Land Large acreage - cut over or wooded in Cape Breton or elsewhere in Nova Scotia. Cash buyer.
Home + Acreage
Upscale residence with substantial acreage and water view in the Baddeck area.
Seasonal Summer residence - house, cottage, bungalow, cabin - with at least 5 acres of land and Atlantic waterfront.
Residence Home with minimum of 5 acres or undeveloped land of at least 5 acres with water frontage within daily driving distance of Sydney. Preferred areas are Christmas Island, Irish Cove, Big Pond and East Bay.
Farm Dry (hilly OK) 200 farming acres with house and barn to raise sheep. Any area OK.
Seasonal Modest vacation place, waterfront not required. Preferred areas include Marble Mountain, Lake Ainslie, lower Bras d'Or area, Dundee and Port Hawkesbury.
Family Home Land to build home on between Port Hood and Mabou. Would like 5 - 25 acres. Also may consider family home with at least 3 bedrooms that meets land size requirements. Fixer upper OK. Relocating to Cape Breton anytime over the next year.
Building Lot Water view undeveloped land of 1 to 5 acres for building vacation home. Preferred location - Kempt Head Road.
Water frontage No less than 3 acres with at least 200 feet of water frontage, a dock, swimming area, beach wanted but not necessary plus a house with at least 2 bedrooms. Should be well off any main road. Reasonable distance from doctor, hospital and groceries.
Family Home Within reasonable driving distance of Sydney, a 2000 square foot or more permanent residence with water frontage or access for fishing. Some fixing up OK but nothing that requires major renovation. Land/lot size and neighborhood that is suitable for outside fenced-in area for 2 large dogs. Relocating to Cape Breton.
Land Sizeable acreage, mostly wooded with or without a cabin or cottage with some water frontage - ocean not necessary.
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Land 100 or more acres hunting land with stream running through it; can be cut over, boggy and unattractive but has to be $300 or below per acre - anywhere in Cape Breton.
Remote Home House with acreage and remote location along the Cabot Trail. Would like to open a small seasonal restaurant or B&B as well - on the property.
Bungalow/View Retiring couple looking for bungalow with water view along the North Shore and onwards up through the Neil's Harbour - Dingwall area.
Seasonal/Atlantic Secluded residence with at least 2 bedrooms for seasonal use. Atlantic frontage with rocky foreshore a must. Location desired is anywhere from Ingonish north through Neil's Harbour. Some refurbishment required is OK.
List updated when new requests received, so check back periodically, please.
If you have or know of property that would suit any of the requests on this list, please contact Tom @ 1-866-325-1001 or send an email message. Thanks!


Want your property criteria added to this list? SEND US your details and we'll post them immediately. We hope this service develops into an effective method of locating wanted properties. Feedback from prospective buyers of Cape Breton real estate indicates a need for additional ways to help people find the types of properties they want.

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