Shroom Season
Mushrooms do very well in Cape Breton - some years better than others, depending upon the amount of rainfall and other factors. This year is a good one. The woods and the meadows everywhere on the island are bursting with all kinds of mushrooms, many of which are not only edible but delicious. Below is a fair sampling of this year's "haul": meadow mushrooms, horse mushrooms, king boletes, chanterelles, puff balls and butter mushrooms. There are also photos of some poisonous mushrooms as well as some that we can't identify - those were left in place.
bolete.jpg (165kb) 2mm.jpg (217kb) amanita.jpg (146kb) amanita2.jpg (145kb) aminita2.jpg (165kb)
chants2.jpg (170kb) chants.jpg (53kb) chants3.jpg (119kb) chants4.jpg (109kb) chants5.jpg (73kb)
horsem.jpg (92kb) kboletes2.jpg (86kb) king.jpg (67kb) kingboletes.jpg (86kb) mm1.jpg (90kb)
mm2.jpg (110kb) mm3.jpg (77kb) mm4.jpg (83kb) mm5.jpg (64kb) mm6.jpg (84kb)
mm7.jpg (79kb) mm8.jpg (103kb) shroomrd.jpg (94kb)    

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