Cape Breton Fall Finalé

Though autumn rains have prevailed through almost every day light hour, these images of Aberdeen, Big Baddeck, Margaree Forks, Margaree Valley, Lake Ainslie East Side, Scotsville and Upper Margaree were possible, just barely, to bring you the Cape Breton Fall Finalé.
bbfield.jpg (74kb) bdor.jpg (75kb) bdkriv2.jpg (106kb) celticyard.jpg (99kb) colorview.jpg (55kb)
bdkriv.jpg (119kb) falltrees.jpg (95kb) hill.jpg (97kb) rivbend.jpg (117kb) margriver.jpg (80kb)
rainbow.jpg (49kb) shadow.jpg (86kb) treecolor.jpg (79kb) river2.jpg (103kb) valley.jpg (79kb)
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