Here and There

Wharf in Baddeck boat yard (64kb) Pleasure boats at the dock and in their moorings in Baddeck boat yard (52kb) Just missed catching this fifty-five foot sail boat broadside by about 30 seconds as it left Baddeck Harbour (42kb) A beach near Mabou (54kb)
A pleasing area along the coast north of Neil's Harbour (72kb) Daffodils blooming in profusion in Whycocomagh (late Spring this year) (101kb) Fishing boats at Dingwall (55kb) Beach at Dingwall (46kb)
Keltic Lodge on peninsula in Ingonish viewed from Ingonish Beach (48kb) Whoops - not sure where this is but believe it to be Neil's Harbour (60kb) This definitely is Neil's Harbour (72kb) Golden late afternoon sun prompted this photo of coastline between Neil's Harbour and Ingonish (86kb)
And this one - so pretty, it's worth a second look (86kb) Quite a ways down from this high point along the coastal road south of Dingwall (97kb) An even higher point from the top of Cape Smokey just south of Ingonish (69kb) Two thirds of the way up Smokey, this distant view of Ingonish Island presented itself (121kb)