Habitats of Cape Breton

To the best of our knowledge, none of the "habitats" featured in this photo series is for sale. From the derelict and abandoned shack to the spiffy estate, from the water's edge to the river valley, from the Northeast to the Southwest tip of the island, from the century farm house to the modern post and beam, these are the homes of Cape Breton.

1.jpg (65kb) 13.jpg (48kb) 01114.jpg (68kb) 2.jpg (52kb) 3.jpg (56kb)
32.jpg (97kb) 37.jpg (77kb) 44.jpg (96kb) 7.jpg (111kb) area2.jpg (46kb)
area3.jpg (84kb) area7.jpg (69kb) bridgearea.jpg (91kb) 5.jpg (48kb) cbhous.jpg (63kb)
dundeehouse.jpg (45kb) home.jpg (126kb) home_f.jpg (64kb) area4.jpg (45kb) house2.jpg (60kb)
invb-b.jpg (71kb) 4.jpg (85kb) invhouse.jpg (89kb) limehill.jpg (94kb) lnarrows.jpg (90kb)
madame7.jpg (46kb) neighbor.jpg (57kb) neighborhood.jpg (41kb) neighborhood3.jpg (62kb) neighborhood5.jpg (82kb)
neighborhood6.jpg (64kb) ramshackle.jpg (91kb) residence.jpg (118kb) shorehome.jpg (78kb) treecolor.jpg (79kb)
whybayshore.jpg (91kb) whyhouse.jpg (88kb)      

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