The Rivers Run Through It

You could almost spend a lifetime photographing the camera-worthy water scenes in Cape Breton. If you did, a good portion of it would have to be devoted to the many rivers that run through it. In the course of traveling the island, Tom may one day have photos of all the rivers. This week's tour features only 3 of the notable ones - taken earlier before the foilage gave way to early winter. The Skye River and the Baddeck River are tributory waters to the Bras d'Or Lake. The South West Margaree (indirectly through another branch of the Margaree River) makes a contribution to the ocean via Margaree Harbour and the Bay of St. Lawrence. The Baddeck River is a particularly dramatic waterway with twists and turns, rocks and boulders, white water, a waterfall, calm pools and, especially as it races through a large public forest park near Baddeck, spectacular old growth white and yellow pine towering above its banks.

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