The Skies Over Cape Breton
Looking at the collection of photos for this week's "Tours with Tom", we were struck by the many different skies of Cape Breton. Some are quite dramatic. Often, the sky completely changes in a 15 minute interval making it difficult to believe it's the same day much less the same hour! Many of the following photos were taken in one day.
Isle Madame (63kb) Isle Madame (53kb) Isle Madame (89kb) Murray Road - St. Ann's Bay (41kb) Murray Road - St. Ann's Bay (59kb)
Near Baddeck (122kb) Baddeck (55kb) Baddeck (53kb) Baddeck (75kb) Baddeck (60kb)
Ingonish Harbour (61kb) Cape Smokey from Ingonish (46kb) Ingonish (49kb) Ingonish (55kb) Ingonish (62kb)
Ingonish Island (56kb) Ingonish Island (65kb) Ingonish Island (51kb) Above Ingonish (87kb) Above Ingonish (122kb)
Wreck Cove (68kb) 59.jpg (86kb) Neil's Harbour area (74kb) On the way to White Point (71kb) White Point (50kb)
White Point 5 minutes later (47kb) White Point a half hour later (39kb) On the way back to Ingonish, this little fellow was foraging along the road (131kb)    

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