• Red Head: Title frame
  • Red Head: Secluded beach is part of the property
  • Red Head: The shoreline down the peninsula is about 1 km
  • Red Head: Looking at the color of the cliffs, the genesis of the name "Red Head" is apparent
  • Red Head: The rugged tip of the peninsula
  • Red Head: View of the other side of the peninsula from the Highlands Nat'l Park
  • Red Head: View from the adjacent undeveloped land
  • Red Head: The water is very clear here and almost tropical in coloration
  • Red Head: This is a beautiful place
  • Red Head: Another view through the trees and down the peninsula
  • Red Head: The Ingonish side of the property from the water
  • Red Head: View from the property beach
  • Red Head: View from the property beach
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