Cape Breton Estates: Land of the Golden Arms

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Cape Breton Estates: land of the golden arms



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Looking for real estate in Cape Breton? Want some help?

One of the services I provide for buyers is access to local knowledge and local offerings. You may not know that some very attractive real estate on the island is only offered through what is known here as an "exclusive" listing. Some sellers do not wish to have a for sale sign posted on their property nor do they wish it to be publicly accessible through an MLS listing. So you won't find these properties looking through the Canadian Multiple Listing Service nor by driving around the island.

I regularly review the exclusive listings in Cape Breton via realtors' web sites and local advertising such as newspapers and real estate publications. It takes a bit of time, as you can imagine, as well as local knowledge of where to find the information.

As you may not have the time, inclination nor access to do the research yourself, why not let me do it for you? By the way, commissions paid to agents on real estate transactions are either paid to one agent handling both sides of the transaction or split between the buyer's agent and the seller's agent. A buyer does not therefore give up any financial advantage by having an agent represent him. In fact, representation should always be an advantage to a buyer.

If you would like me to do research for you, give me a call @ 1-866-325-1001 (toll free) or SEND ME AN EMAIL and let me know what you are looking for in a property.

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Want to know when we add a new property to the site? SEND US your email address (name optional) and we'll add it to our notification list. Or, periodically check out the WHATSNEW page for new property additions and news about the Cape Breton real estate market.

Other Services - Referrals

If you need the services of a real estate lawyer, a mortgage broker, an immigration lawyer, a mover, an appraiser or an inspector, please feel free to ask me for recommendations. Through experience, I do have a network of contacts in these areas and can give you multiple suggestions and help you find the professional who is right for you. I do not accept any referral fees or other compensation in this area and rely solely upon merit via personal knowledge or client feedback.

Services of Tradewinds Realty Inc.

Please visit the Tradewinds Realty Inc. award-winning web site:

Since my brokerage firm covers the entire province of Nova Scotia, you will find information on Tradewinds' site that is not available here. Some particular points of interest include:

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