Cape Breton Estates: Land of the Golden Arms

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Cape Breton Estates: land of the golden arms

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BORNEO: Stunning Beach Front Villa with Natural Private Rock Pool

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Poseidon House is a luxurious beach house set in a beautiful and natural tropical garden, nestled on a secluded white-sandy beach in exotic North Borneo on the picturesque north coast of Sabah, Malaysia, near the famous tip of Borneo. The house is atop of a 26 meter high rock outcrop with outstanding views of the Tun Mustapha Marine Park through the 60 foot sliding glass wall. It encompasses 35 offshore islands, coral atolls and crescent beach below...Details

MAGNIFICENT MONTANA RANCH: Bordered by Yellowstone National Park

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This ranch is my dream property and, under other circumstances, at an earlier time in my life, I would be the buyer. Nonetheless, it is a privilege to be asked to handle its sale and help facilitate someone else's dream.

For hunters, lovers of wilderness and nature’s astounding beauty, this truly is a one-of-a-kind, once in a lifetime opportunity -- instantly recognizable by its compelling qualities....Details

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RED HEAD: Peninsula with Private Beach and 2 KM on Ocean

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This property is NOT for sale!

This untouched acreage on the border of the Highlands National Park was granted to its present owner's family by Queen Victoria almost 125 years ago. At 204+/- acres, it is by far the the largest ocean front parcel remaining in the Ingonish area today. The majestic cliffs on each side of the peninsula are about a kilometer long with Atlantic shoreline of about the same distance. They dominate any views of the land from the sea and across Ingonish Bay. Their reddish hue provides the genesis for the name "Red Head". The coloration is even present in the sands of the secluded beach that is part of this extraordinary offering ...Details

The new owner of Redhead has given us permission to keep the property presentation on the site. If you have time, hit the "details" button and view one of Cape Breton's most scenic spots!


Ingonish Island

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This property is NOT for sale!

Unique and magnificent: Island (84 acres/98%) off the Ingonish shore surrounded by the Atlantic. There are three beaches, fields and headlands with forest and open land. Uncompromised privacy, with beautiful views of the Highlands - this island offers the distinguishing buyer a rare opportunity for a private estate unparalleled on the Nova Scotian or possibly even the Atlantic coast ...Details

The new owner of Ingonish Island has given us permission to keep the property presentation on the site. If you have time, hit the "details" button and view one of Cape Breton's most scenic spots!

POLLETT'S COVE: "One of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth"

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This property is NOT for sale!

Seventy one years ago, most of the farm lands of Murdock MacGregor became part of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Today, the remaining gemstone property of the family, held for over 130 years since granted by Queen Victoria, 300 magnificent acres at Pollett’s Cove, is offered for sale. The Pollett’s Cove/Aspy Bay Fault area is easily one of the most beautiful pieces of wilderness land in Nova Scotia, and Pollett’s Cove is the crown jewel. Comprising 3000 feet of ocean beach, two rivers, meadows, mountains and forest, a suitable steward of this land is sought....Details

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