Cape Breton Estates: Land of the Golden Arms

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Cape Breton Estates: land of the golden arms

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Cape Breton list bullet Affiliated Web Sites
Cape Breton list bullet Cape Breton Island
Cape Breton list bullet About Nova Scotia and Canada
Cape Breton list bullet Tips for Real Estate Buyers and Sellers
Cape Breton list bullet Real Estate Elsewhere

Affiliated Sites

Cape Breton bullet Tradewinds Realty Inc.
Web site of real estate broker for agent Tom Childs
Cape Breton bullet Gordon Photography (Warren and Kathy)
Web site of Internationally known photographer Gordon Warren and his wife Kathy. Gordon's photos of Cape Breton are highly regarded and can be found in various publications about the island from provincial web sites to books. We are very grateful for his gracious permission to use a collection of his island photographs.
Cape Breton bullet Tourist Industry Site
One of the most comprehensive web sites on the internet for information about Cape Breton. Professionally constructed - easy navigation - there are plenty of photos as well as downloadable PDF files on many topics. We thank them for allowing us to use the map of Cape Breton they created for their site - it is a particularly good one.
Cape Breton bullet Pre-Set MLS® (Multiple Listing Service®) search for property in ALL of Cape Breton
To search ALL of Cape Breton, one needs to select both the "Highland Region" and "Cape Breton Region". This link will take you to an MLS® page where you can specify the details of your search for property on the entire island. The Highland Region includes some territory of mainland Nova Scotia as well as a large portion of Cape Breton Island.
Cape Breton bullet Our Link Exchange Affiliates in Iceland: (both sites in English - most Icelanders speak it well!)
ICELAND ON THE WEB - Another beautiful island you may wish to visit and if you do, this web site provides a good overall guide to the country.
NATURE EXPLORER - Also a site with information about how to explore Iceland, but just its great outdoors. Specifically, the site covers: Adventure/DayTours, Private and Longer Tours, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Birdwatching and Photography.
Cape Breton bullet Cape Breton Living
This site was created and is maintained by local artist Cécile Samson. There is a lot of unique Cape Breton information on this site in addition to her paintings which can be ordered on line... also tons of photos by local photographers and one of the best Cape Breton link pages available. Hosted on St. Peters Cable - just click "Enter Cape Breton Living".
Cape Breton bullet Cabot Trail Motorcycle Cafe & Retreat
Pat and Angela, a dynamic duo recently transplanted from Toronto ( and delighted to be so ) are now taking reservations for the season as owners/operators of their own B&B especially for motorcyclists. It's a beautiful location on the Cabot Trail in Middle River.... 3 bedrooms, a cafe, garage with vehicle washing and maintenance facilities and 100 acres of woodland trails to explore.

About Cape Breton Island

Cape Breton bullet Celtic Colors
Background information on CBI, good enlargeable map.
Cape Breton bullet Cabot Trail
Cape Breton's famous trail (road) that circumnavigates the northern peninsula of Cape Breton. A good and useful link for the attractions, locations and availabilities of B&Bs, activities, scenic reviews of Cabot Trail, memorable locations and some restaurants. It includes site specific details on the Snow Crab fishing industry, as well as where one might go to eat them.
Cape Breton bullet Central Cape Breton
A regional smaller site that gives local information about community doings, celebrations and activities amongst the smaller communities in Central Cape Breton, including the Orangedale area, Little Narrows, Grand Narrows, Iona and in between. Links to job opportunities and Lottery results, and a few government sites broaden this site considerably.
Cape Breton bullet The Inverness County Web Site
A very comprehensive site. Has good links pages and a very nice photo gallery. The latter includes 3 photos of Inverness Beach - an outstanding island beach due to its length, depth and the amount of shallow water for swimming out from the shore.
Cape Breton bullet The Oran
For area news - this is the web site of a local weekly newspaper.
Cape Breton bullet Gaelic College of Celtic Arts and Crafts
Englishtown's claim to fame - all about the college and community.
Cape Breton bullet Canadian Government Weather Site - Nova Scotia
Weather map of Nova Scotia where you can click on Cape Breton's major towns to see what the weather conditions are in those locations.
Cape Breton bullet Port Hawkesbury Web Site
Shopping, services, community, industry, photo gallery, education, events, recreation and tourism. This town is the nearest major shopping area for residents all on the Trans Canada Highway up through Baddeck as well as south to the St. Peters area.
Cape Breton bullet Cape Breton Resorts
A good source to check if you are planning a visit to the island. The site is set up to let you look for possibilities by general location.
Cape Breton bullet Golf Cape Breton
A good review of Cape Breton's four outstanding golf courses, with ratings that suggest some of the best in Canada.
Cape Breton bullet Richmond County Web Site
The county web site - has links and information to towns such as St. Peters.
Cape Breton bullet National Geographic Destinations: Cape Breton
Wild and unspoiled, the western side of Cape Breton Island, in Canada’s Nova Scotia, draws thousands of visitors every summer....Cabot Trail, park tours, and driving tours.
Cape Breton bullet Points of Interest in the Highlands National Park
An annotated map of the Highlands has clickable links which explain the walks and hiking available throughout the park. Great resource from Parks Canada. (check the additional links in the left-hand column for other park highlights such as locations for swimming, sightseeing, golf, camping, etc.)
Cape Breton bullet St. Peters
Gateway to the Bras D'Or, The Village on the Canal - all about the town, including history, attractions, geography, tourism and a photo gallery.

The following three web sites are recommended because they promote good land stewardship. The beauty of Cape Breton is its "natural capital". These organizations are working to preserve it so it remains a wild and wonderful getaway from the urban sprawl so common elsewhere:

Cape Breton bullet The Bras D'Or Stewardship Society
Cape Breton bullet The Nova Scotia Nature Trust
Cape Breton bullet Living By Water

About Nova Scotia and Canada

Cape Breton bullet Official Government of Nova Scotia web site
Cape Breton bullet Official Government of Canada web site
Cape Breton bullet Everything you need to know about Nova Scotia but didn't know who to ask
Cape Breton bullet Nova Scotia Web Log @ Tradewinds Realty Inc web site

Tips for Real Estate Buyers and Sellers

The following three links do a great job of organizing and presenting advice for real estate buyers and sellers (more on the buy side). Topics covered include: deciding how much to invest, deciding when to buy, making a list of desired features, deciding whether to use a realtor, how to choose a realtor--insider's secrets, and many links to sources of further information:

Cape Breton bullet Realty World
Cape Breton bullet Life Style Realty
Cape Breton bullet The Best for You

Florida Real Estate

Cape Breton bullet
Residents of Florida like to come to Cape Breton to escape the heat in August and September. Likewise, many Cape Bretoners and Canadians in general, like to escape the cold here in January, February and March. If you are one of the latter and interested in acquiring real estate in Naples, Florida, I highly recommend you contact this Realtor/Architect through his web site. I've known him for years and I am sure he will take very good care of you. He's painfully honest and very knowledgable.
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