Cape Breton Estates: Land of the Golden Arms

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Cape Breton Estates: land of the golden arms

Landmark Cape Breton Property

Red Head Peninsula & Beach

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View from the cliffs
View from beach    

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N.S. Provincial Registry Map
Survey of 2 Small Parcels (one with Snow Rd. access & one with beach)
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Address: "Red Head" Snow Road

Ingonish, Victoria County , Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Property Size: 204+/- acres
Land Dimensions: roughly rectangular - please see provincial map
Possession: IMMEDIATE
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There are many reasons these days to seek the privacy and the comfort of a wilderness site that lends itself to year-round escapism. The wilderness is, of course, an illusion, as the town is likely only a few minutes away, but quite invisible. Therefore whether seeking respite from a world that seems to be on the edge of going mad - again - or simply ready to become a part of this extraordinary land - seasonally - or all of the time, I doubt whether there is a more compelling and better suited coastal property in this part of the world.

It is a genuine privilege to be associated with the effort to place this uniquely beautiful and untouched property. The new owner will benefit from the wise stewardship of four generations of a leading local family, who received it as a grant from Queen Victoria in the 1800s.


Having trod over a good proportion of the 204 (+/-) acres for which Red Head provides its name, I am keenly aware of just how unusual and frankly one-of-a-kind this property truly is. The extraordinarily majestic cliffs on the entire eastern and southern sides of this property are each about a kilometer long with Atlantic shoreline of about the same distance, and dominate any views of the land from the sea and across Ingonish Bay.

Once on the property, as the slideshow photos illustrate, the views are empyrean! To the south is Cape Smokey, with its multitude of moods from glowering to stormy to calmly majestic. The beaches below the cliffs, one being exclusively part of this property, are sandy and private, the rocky headland providing a natural 20 foot barrier to incursions from beyond the property.

To the east is the Atlantic with its infinite variety of images, while just below and out from Red Head is matchless Ingonish Island. The Northern property boundary, all along its course, meets the Highland National Park land. The southwest has views of the distant Keltic Lodge, the Highlands and the fishing fleet as it emerges and returns to its protected harbour just around the point (which is in several pictures).

Walking from the north part of the property, the trees are largely fir with some areas densely packed and the ground simply wall-to-wall moose droppings. It is clear that moose move here in the late Fall for their wintering grounds. The land climbs steadily from the Park boundary line as one moves towards the southern cliffs and there are more hardwoods there than I took notice of - as evidenced from the owner's Fall photo taken from within the neighboring Federal Parklands.

On the top of the property the land is a little clearer. Were someone to locate a house there, the location would provide vistas in every direction creating one of the most preeminently beautiful - even majestic - properties on the whole east coast of North America.

The same could be said for locating further down the southern flank of the property, as the views, while mainly to the south, east and southwest, emphasize the most memorable vistas anywhere in Cape Breton or the Maritimes.

The blow downs that abound on the property bear mute witness to the strength of the storms that buffet this coast in the winter. But the trees are hardy, and with planning and care a series of screens of chosen evergreens could be productively located to re-grow wherever the owner wished.

Only a small amount of wood cutting has ever been allowed on the property, and the last participant is no longer around, so virtually no cutting rights are extant.


• this property has 2 kilometers of Atlantic shoreline
• ocean views are possible (with tree removal) from the majority of the peninsula
• this is by far the largest ocean front parcel remaining in the Ingonish area
• the highest point of land on the property is 243 feet above sea level
• the rolling land in the interior of the peninsula ranges from approximately 221 to 243 feet above sea level
• the land surrounding the beach is all part of this parcel and therefore has controlled access
• the forest has been essentially untouched for over 100 years - nothing has been cut and nothing has been managed
• the Northern border of this parcel is shared with the federal park service (Highlands National Park)
• the configuration of the land on the western border is steep with the exception of the northwest corner contributing to the privacy of the overall location - the parcels next to Snow Rd. control access to the beach and are below the height of land on the peninsula
• Ingonish Fishing Harbour and the public wharf are a five minute drive from the property
• in the past, Ingonish has been a summer-fall only tourist destination but the successful operation of the ski hill and presence of over 250 kilometers of snow mobile trails may justify, in due course, a year-round economy


Please call Tom @ 866-325-1001 (756-3073 locally) for appointment.

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Cape Breton Highlands
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Cape Breton line
Title to Land: Freehold
Property Size: 204+/- acres
Land Features: Wooded/treed, approx. 70% evergreen forest, approx. 30% hardwoods, sloping/terraced, cliffs, ocean waterfront
Access: gravel road
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( The above information is deemed reliable, but is not guaranteed. )
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