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Cape Breton Estates: land of the golden arms


Landmark Property: Ingonish Island

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Ingonish Island

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Address: offshore - INGONISH ISLAND
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Property Size:
(The most recent information available on the island, such as Property on Line, gives the size of the island as 86 acres but the island has never been surveyed. Research done very recently for the property conversion process has uncovered the fact that the Park Service owns only 2 acres at the top of the headland and is the location of the old lightkeeper's residence. By inference, then, the remaining acreage amounts to a total of 84 acres represented in this sale. This information effectively adds an additional 8 acres to the property covered by PID #85049179. The acreage, however, cannot be warranted to be accurate without a survey and should be viewed as approximate.)
Possession: IMMEDIATE
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Unique and magnificent: Island (84 acres/98%) about a half mile off the Ingonish shore surrounded by the Atlantic. There are three beaches, fields and headlands with forest and open land. Uncompromised privacy, with beautiful views of the Highlands - this island offers the distinguishing buyer a rare opportunity for a private estate unparalleled on the Nova Scotian or possibly even the Atlantic coast.

Two acres on the main headland of the island, which includes the old lighthouse quarters, and the former lighthouse site, is controlled by the Federal Park Service. The cliffs include an important nesting ground for cormorants below the old house. The owner of the island is effectively the steward of these grounds as there is no access to the parkland property (formerly Dept. of Transportation lighthouse property) from the water. There are additional positive features that bear on this matter that should be discussed with the agent.

Included in the 84 acres are at least three excellent beach areas. One in particular is within a protected cove. A picture of the cove is included in the photo slide show. As you can see from the aerial view, also in the slide show, the island is about two thirds treed. The remaining one third is comprised of fields where sheep once grazed, beaches and coastal rocks. The island also has at least three fresh water springs. The location of 2 of the springs can be seen on the Annotated Map.

This quite extraordinary opportunity suggests a wide range of possibilities for the interested buyer.... a family or corporate retreat, a private club or simply the permanent preservation of this outpost of natural beauty.


Be advised there currently are no services on the island. There is no power to the island. Interested parties have done some significant research on how to deal with the power and communications issues. We will provide that information to anyone considering purchasing this property. By the way, an informal request for an estimate of laying a power and data fiber optic cable from the shore to the island produced a cost of approximately $135,000 from an international company that is well regarded in the field. (Wind power is also a valid consideration given the island's location.)

As for water, there are a number of fresh water springs. The issue of the installation of a wharf is presently being considered by the Department of Fisheries.

The view from the island towards the Ingonish area shore is quite lovely as much of the shoreline is undeveloped. The view straight ahead is of Ingonish Harbour, the small fishing village portion of Ingonish. To the left is a mostly undeveloped peninsula connected to the upscale Keltic Lodge with the renowned Highland Links golf course nearby. To the right (northwest by north), the view is dominated by yet another peninsula, completely undeveloped, known as Red Head. The backdrop for all the shoreward views from the island is the Highlands National Park.

There may be an exceptional video available on this property soon. It was professionally produced and filmed from a helicopter. Please let Tom know if you would like a DVD copy when it is available. (North American residents are welcome to call 1-866-325-1001 to request a copy; others please request a copy by EMAIL - include your name and mailing address.)


Trip arrangements will be made through the agent including the hiring of a fishing boat.

Area Links:


Ingonish Chalets:
If you come to see the island and need a place to stay, the Ingonish Chalets are highly recommended by several of our sources. Their web site has all the pertinent information including photos of the attractive accommodations they offer. Feel free to ask Jill or Rob about the Island - they know it well.
Ingonish: Gateway to the Highlands
Site has a page about history and geography of the area and also a page with a map showing all area businesses and activities.
Cape Breton Highlands National Park of Canada
Government of Canada web site. Details nearby Highlands which cover 950 square kilometers, about 20% of northern Cape Breton. It is the largest protected wilderness area in Nova Scotia and is an outstanding Canadian landscape.
Highland Links Golf Course
Considered by many to be the number one golf course in Canada (and recently voted as such in major golf magazines) with a 5 star rating. Ranked 57th in the world. Viewing the terrain of the course gives a good sense of the geography of the area.
Area Photos:
A composite of photos showing several views of the island, several of nearby Neil's Harbor and, farther up the coastline, Bay St. Lawrence: VIEW PHOTO COMPOSITE
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Title to Land: Freehold
Property Size: Approx. 84 Acres
Land Features: Beaches, Cliffs, Headlands, Highlands View, Wooded, Island Surrounded by Atlantic Ocean, Fresh Water Springs
Access: Boat, Helicopter
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