Cape Breton Estates: Land of the Golden Arms

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Cape Breton Estates: land of the golden arms

The domain name "" is registered to Inc. and operated by Thomas W. Childs, an associate of Tradewinds Realty Inc., located in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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This site is designed to assist the prospective buyer of Cape Breton real estate.

If you live in Cape Breton, you will want to focus on the "PROPERTIES FOR SALE" pages where I believe you will find the most comprehensive presentation of real estate available online today, including downloadable MPEGs, DVDs on request, still photo slide shows, floor plans and extensive written detail.

If you would like to search for a property, use this property guide menu:



If you do not live on the island, you may also wish to peruse the information and resources available in the ABOUT CAPE BRETON ("Tours with Tom" and links to hundreds of photos are here) and MORE ABOUT CAPE BRETON areas of the site.

Finally, if you live outside of Canada, the ABOUT CANADA page is designed to point you toward important considerations for both seasonal residency with vacation property and permanent residency via immigration.


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Curve Appeal

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400 Acres for the 21st Century Pioneer

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Country Living in North River

Country Living
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Real Estate on Cape Breton Island

Whether it is a farm steeped in historic past figures, an architect's visionary home or a simple cabin amongst the firs, Cape Breton offers a surprisingly varied breadth of properties, capable of satisfying the most orthodox, as well as the most unusual tastes. There are fishing lodges, charming family-style homes and secret hide-a-ways, as well as more remote properties offering challenges to the most demanding survivalist.

Cape Breton is a unique destination far from city pressures and crowds. Its park lands, rivers, beaches and its remarkable breadth of terrain and vistas -- all within an area of about 110 by 70 miles -- remains a source of pride and delight to Cape Bretoners and visitors alike.

Land of the Golden Arms

A summer sunset* on one of the three Golden Arms of the Bras d'Or. Referred to as Cape Breton's "inland sea", the Bras d'Or shoreline is over 770 miles long - just one of the many reasons Cape Breton Island is THE JEWEL OF THE MARITIMES. Eagles love the Bras d'Or - this fellow is a common sight from our upstairs window overlooking the lake in Aberdeen.

Sunset on the Bras d'Or - Click for large photo click to enlarge
*Photo by Thomas Rink
Photo by Tom Childs
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