Cape Breton Estates: Land of the Golden Arms

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Cape Breton Estates: land of the golden arms
Tradewinds Realty Inc.



Best Canadian Real Estate Agency

On November 4, 2005 in London England at the Grosvenor Square Marriott Hotel the BENTLEY INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY AWARDS presented Tradewinds Realty Inc. "Best Canadian Real Estate Agency 2005" Five Star Award.

The criteria for selection was divided into 5 parts:

Corporate Office: Detail of operation, associations, expertise and experiences.
Services: Extent of services provided, types of property handled and clients serviced.
Testimonials: Client testimonials relating to the business.
Marketing: Review of a wide range of materials related to all aspects of marketing.
Miscellaneous: Review of unique innovations in the company.


Now entering their 19th year, the International Property Awards have been called the Oscars of the property industry. The aim is to distinguish the highest levels of achievement in a range of property-related fields. These awards are truly global, with entrants allowed from any country. Award categories encompass estate agents, property developers, house builders, resorts, interior designers and many other areas of the residential property trade.




More Reasons to Let Tradewinds Work for You

  1. Six sales offices and coverage of the entire province of Nova Scotia
  2. A team of 42+ realtors backed by a seasoned support staff. Experienced, knowledgeable and growing. We continue to build a Nova Scotia network!
  3. 75 Million Dollars in sales in 2006.
  4. The best real estate web site in Atlantic Canada offering a unique portfolio of distinctive real estate and in-depth information on Nova Scotia.
  5. Over 3,000,000 web hits ... month in ... month out.
  6. Weekly email updates sent to over 3400 buyers and sellers worldwide and the list is growing daily.
  7. Real estate catalogue, distributed globally. Our exclusive corporate catalogue is distributed by both internet and mail to interested contacts around the world.
  8. Members of Who's Who in Luxury Real Estate and on their web site, too. Supreme exposure!
  9. - Magazine by Who's Who.
  10. Our market branding has positioned us in the Heart of the Nova Scotia real estate market.
  11. Unsurpassed service. Our reputation demands that we continually strive to enhance our services and performance. We're committed to serving you better.
  12. Our exclusive corporate web site for Tradewinds sales associates. Keeping everyone organized.
  13. Performance. Our realtors have listed and sold some of the most expensive and sought after real estate in Nova Scotia.
  14. Extensive knowledge of the marketplace. We are successful at selling all types of properties, in all types of settings: meadows, woodland, oceanfront...
  15. We bring the world to your doorstep! There are people in over 60 countries that visit our website every month: United Kingdom, Japan, Bermuda, Belgium, France, United States, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, Italy, Australia, Hong Kong, Poland, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, Cayman Islands, Thailand, Singapore, Dominican Republic, Portugal, Egypt, South Korea, Czech Republic, Taiwan, Austria, Estonia, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Russia . . .
  16. Outstanding Client Lists. Every one of our salespeople carries a client list that would be the envy of any Realtor. We have Senators, Federal and Provincial politicians, corporate executives and CEO’s, retired or retiring US citizens and families of all sorts.
  17. Professional competence. We are aggressive but sensitive to your needs. Every listing and sale will be handled professionally and thoroughly.
  18. Advertising. We advertise in major magazines and newspapers across North America. Toronto Life, Atlantic Canada Travel Guide, Scotia Digest, New York Times, Boston Globe, Canada’s National Post and The Globe.
  19. Property Management/Rental Team We have a full-service property management and rental team specializing in all aspects of property maintenance.
  20. You have to face it . . . You cannot afford to do business with anyone else!


Tradewinds News (January 2007)

Tradewinds Realty Inc. Opens London, England Office

Tradewinds Realty has always gone the extra mile to market their clients' properties, now they have gone the extra 4,000 miles.

Tradewinds Realty has joined forces with Mayfair International Realty, headquartered in London, who, over the past 10 years, has developed a United Kingdom-wide organization representing 125 real estate brokerages with 350 offices. Tradewinds Realty is pleased to be a founding member of Mayfair International Realty and the first Canadian company to join the organization. We are also very pleased to have secured the marketing rights for Mayfair International in the Atlantic Provinces.

What this means for Tradwinds Realty Clients

As part of a growing global community represented by estate agents in Ireland, Paris, Cote d'Azure, Rome, Florence, Madrid and Lisbon, Tradewinds Realty's Mayfair office provides their customers with vast exposure through their European and U.S. network.

Combined with powerful marketing tools, including Mayfair's media-buying power across Europe, a highly developed relationship with top property journalists, and in-depth knowledge of the European market, the London office will bring a new dimension to marketing Tradewinds Realty properties to global audience. Exposure no other Nova Scotia broker can provide.

Why the UK?

Moving to Canada is becoming increasingly popular for many UK residents. Canada is a popular destination for UK residents retiring, buying holiday homes or emigrating permanently due to our fabulous pictureque landscapes, world famous ski resorts and much more. The UK economy is doing well and many people are looking for second homes and overseas investments. Canada is one of the top world wide destinations for both UK emigres and second home buyers.


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