Cape Breton Estates: Land of the Golden Arms

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Cape Breton Estates: land of the golden arms


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This Site

My business background is asset management, financial analysis and marketing. Accurate information and its effective presentation were the key ingredients for success in those endeavors. The purchase or sale of real property, in my opinion, warrants the same approach. This web site and the manner in which it focuses on listed properties is really an extension of what I learned in my previous three decades of business experience.

I have tried to expand and enhance each category of information within the real estate field plus make available a selection of ancillary resources intended to provide insights not usually attainable in more casual treatments of property sales. To put it more directly, more is better - as long as it's the right stuff.

The listings have exhaustive pictorial illustrations accompanied by text descriptions. Some properties have MPEG video clips of the surroundings, and where useful, the building interiors. All have map references as to their location in Cape Breton Island. Principal shopping areas, distances, schools, medical facilities and other municipal services are reviewed where applicable. I hope that you find this site an enjoyable as well as a useful resource.


Tom Childs

My wife and I, with our two black standard poodles chose Cape Breton Island to build second careers, and we are both delighted to be here. Utilizing our joint experiences, we hope to be able to contribute some of what we have learned, make a decent living and serve useful roles in our community. READ MORE...

Tradewinds Realty Inc.

I am proud to be associated with the number one real estate firm in Nova Scotia, Trandewinds Realty Inc. and the best real estate web site in Maritime Canada. "Exceptional People, Exceptional Company, Exceptional Results" is the Tradewinds success formula. READ MORE...

Cape Breton Island

Whether one finds a hidden retreat along Grand River in the SE quadrant, or amongst the cliffs and deep bays of the north west capes, an island or a cove in the Bras D'Or, or a log cabin amongst the rising hills of Margaree, Cape Breton can be every bit as mysterious and exciting, not to speak of beautiful and compelling as it was hundreds and even thousands of years ago. READ MORE...


It has been said that if one took a strip of land from St. John's Newfoundland to Victoria, B.C., one hundred miles wide along the border with the United States, that the vast majority of all Canadians would be contained in that strip. Obviously Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver hold the majority of people in that strip of urban dwellers. But in rural Canada, and particularly Cape Breton Island, this observer still finds the essence of what he grew up believing to be 'Oh Canada'. READ MORE...

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